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  • Sale! atal tinkering lab package 1

    Atal Tinkering Lab – Package 1


    This is Package 1 of Atal Tinkering Lab. It comprises of various semiconductors, microcontrollers & more.

  • Sale! Atal tinkering lab package 2

    Atal Tinkering Lab-Package 2


    This Atal lab package is a form of STEM education tools for school going students. School management can place the order here & we will deliver & install all the equipments at your school premise. We will also train you on how to use the instruments & will conduct monthly workshops.

  • Sale! Atal tinkering lab package 3

    Atal Tinkering Lab-Package 3


    Atal Tinkering Lab Package 3 comprises of tools, glue guns, measurement tools, and many more accessories.

  • Sale! Atal tinkering lab package 4

    Atal Tinkering Lab-Package 4


    This is package number 4 of Atal Tinkering Lab. It mainly comprises of safety tools, etc.

  • Sale! SelfCAD Licence key by Highclouds

    SelfCAD | 3D Designing & 3D Printing


    Enjoy a complete suite of designing tools with SelfCAD- from drawing, modifying, modeling, sculpting, rendering, and slicing… all the way to 3D printing!

    • Access your projects anytime & anywhere.
    • Seamless Imports & Exports
    • Enjoy 10 days of Pro access for FREE!
    Choose the plan that’s right for you

    Pay monthly or annually, and cancel any time.

    It comes in three variants:
    • Free – Best for students and hobbyists.
    • SelfCAD Pro – Best for freelancers and solo entrepreneurs looking to upgrade their portfolio or workflow.
    • SelfCAD Perpertual License – Ideal for Manufacturers, Product Design, and 3D Printing businesses looking to fast-track their design workflow. Also ideal for schools looking for easy-to-learn and easy-to-teach CAD software.

    “We will send you your license key over the registered email address once after confirming the payment.”