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High Clouds is the right place if you are looking for anything related to STEM Education resources & rapid prototyping services/tools. Our startup named ‘High Clouds STEM Technologies Pvt. Ltd’ is incubated at ACIC Foundation IIT (ISM) Dhanbad, (India). STEM Labs are high on demand in schools across India & we wish to keep everyone on track by providing the best-in-class STEM lab setup & resources.

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STEM Education Lab Setup in India

The need for STEM education is high in India. Every year, more & more STEM job vacancies are emerging but there is a scarcity of skilled professionals in the workforce. As automation is taking over, there are people needed to develop & manage them.

To fill the gap, we train the schools/ institutes & students in various branches of STEM & help them all the various technical resources.

High Clouds STEM Technologies Pvt Ltd.

We are High Clouds STEM Technologies Pvt Ltd. We are a STEM-based company. We are presently incubated at ACIC Foundation IIT ISM Dhanbad, India.

3D printing course in india

3D Printing In India

Rapid Prototyping makes it possible to bring a 3D Design to life. Just like how txt files, PDFs, etc. can be printed on a paper using a regular printer, the 3D Graphics can be printed in 3D using the ‘3D Printers’. It is an emerging technology that is being used in all the possible fields. From hobbyists, to engineers, to fashion designers & bakers, 3D Printing has its use everywhere.

CAD (3D Designing)

CAD has even wider applications. Even if one doesn’t wish to 3D Print an object, CAD makes it possible to make 3D designs that can be viewed from every angle. It is used in virtual tour, game design, 3D graphics design, rendered models, AR like Instagram filters & more.
3d design cube

3D Printing Study Material

Enroll in 3D Printing Course

Want to learn 3D Printing? Enroll into our course for 3D Printing/ Rapid Prototyping/ Additive Manufacturing. This beginner’s course is also suitable for school going / college going students/ anyone who is interested to learn.

Get access to study materials, softwares, unlimited design files & more.

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