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About Us

High Clouds STEM Technologies Pvt Ltd is a STEM-based company established in 2019. We are presently incubated at ACIC Foundation IIT Dhanbad (ISM), India. In a country brimming with economic growth and boundless potential, we acknowledge the availability of various resources & opportunities especially related to STEM, but most such resources are cluttered, & not yet optimized for individuals (science hobbyists), students, schools & institutes. We aim to fix that & provide the most efficient one-stop solution for all your STEM needs.

Director’s Message

“STEM education is not just about finding the right answer, it’s about developing a mindset that embraces problem-solving, critical thinking, and innovation to create a better future for all.”

Aneeta Sharma

STEM.org certified STEM Trainer

An Event At IIT Dhanbad (ISM)

Our Methodologies

STEM Workshops & Training

Get the ultimate STEM experience with our
off-line workshops & trainings. See the tools unfold itself & learn how they function.
We, at High Clouds STEM Technologies, have ATL certified & STEM.org accredited trainers. We also provide certificate to the students on completion of these STEM training/ workshops.

Online Classes- Robotics,
3D Printing, Coding

Explore hands-on projects, learn to code/ program the robots, prepare your 3D designs for 3D printing and unleash your creativity while developing critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

STEM Education Lab

STEM Lab is an innovative learning space that fosters creativity & problem-solving skills through hands-on exploration on the concepts of Science, Technology, Engineering, & Math. Students engage in collaborative tinkering projects, utilizing tools, and cutting-edge technologies to cultivate a passion for 21st-century skills.

STEM Educational kits

STEM education kits are like the ABCs to get someone started with any STEM field. Such kits are now even a part of curriculum of many schools in developing/developed countries. STEM kits are also a very good choice of gifts for kids / students or tech-hobbyists or nerds.
We, at High Clouds, also provide STEM kits to the students.

Our Benchmark

Our company specializes in addressing the key challenges faced by schools with STEM/ATL labs. We provide effective solutions and a results-driven approach to maximize the benefits of these labs. By gathering regular feedback from instructors and students, we tailor and update the curriculum to create high-tech labs that optimize learning efficiency. Our focus is on delivering measurable results and incorporating feedback from students and customers to enhance our services.

Our Methodologies

Practical Learning

Innovation & Creativity

Strategic Thinking

Sharing Experiences