Virtual Reality is the future of education and High Clouds aims to make VR Class setup more affordable and economical for Schools in India. This way, each and every school can afford these educational advancements based on their needs & budget. These VR Labs (or VR Classes)  virtually give practical experience to the viewers & helps them learn things in a better way.

Educating students using VR boosts the interest of the students & also increases their interaction with the teacher. For a Smartphone VR setup, some applications like Youtube 360, Google Cardboard, etc. can be used. Teachers can then pick specific topics based on their curriculum or board (CBSE, ICSE, etc.).

So. let's get to know more.

Types Of VR Headsets

Standalone VR (Wireless)

VR Classes In India

PC VR (Tethered)


SmartPhone VR (Wireless)

Smartphone VR Classes

VR Class/ Lab Setup We Offer

These days, Standalone & Smartphone VR options are widely popular for educational purpose. High Clouds offer both of these options to schools across India.

Choose the VR Class option as per your needs

SmartPhone VR Classes

This is a very affordable yet impactful option that schools can opt for. SmartPhone VR Classes are in fact are getting more popular especially during lockdown. This is because students only need their smartphone and a Smartphone VR headset for this setup. During the online classes, teachers can also communicate with students (using laptop/ tablet) white the students are engaged in their VR.

If you are up for this option, High Clouds is the right place for you. We not only provide the best in class VR headsets but we also train the students & teachers on how to use the VR. We also help them use the content & apps available on the internet to suit their curriculums.

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A very great option suitable for ICSE, CBSE, State boards, etc. is the 'foton VR'. This package offers interactive VR content that helps students learn in a very virtually practical environment. Contact us to know more about this.