Looking for a STEM - Education Lab Setup for your Institute?

Take one step forward into the future by upgrading your current lab into an advanced STEM Education lab with the help of High clouds. Our highly professional team will assist you at every step from planning to deploying & perfect integration with your current curriculum.


Our STEM Labs provide a visual & practical learning environment that helps the students in improving their understanding of the real-world with the benefit of visualization or being able to touch and see. We will assist you with our best services to plan and implant of a perfect curriculum according to your school board.

For this, we have a tie-up with the various world-class companies to get the most advance and updated technologies in the market to serve with the best and affordable services.

Packages we offer..!!

With our custom packages mentioned below, we assist every institute in the full integration of our curriculum with their receptive boards, Also we conduct occasional tanning, seminars/webinars, events, tournaments, and even industrial visits for students with corresponding certifications to assist then in every possible way so they can get as best knowledge as possible.

Our Expertise

3D Printing & Designing

Our lab setup and tools help students to visualize/imagine and be creative. We not only expertise lab setup but our training is best in class also we provide you with the most affordable range of 3D printers and pens.


In our lab setup, we try to focus on every aspect of education, and to do so we provide high-quality electronic components and microcontrollers to ensure an increase in more practical knowledge than theoretical.


We provide occasional webinars/seminars to introduce students and teachers with all new upcoming technologies in a detailed manner to keep them up to date with all new researches and updates in the technology and education system.

Virtual Reality

Under Development..!!

Drone & RC

With all these education-related packages we decided to have some fun and learning for students while making drones students understand various new topics like Gyro, Flight components and control, power supply, and remote control, etc.

Training & Certifications

We have the best professionals to train your staff and students with this we also provide many other certification courses related to STEM Education for both teachers and students. (*We provide full access to our STEM Academy portal in advance packages)


AI and Robotics is taking over the world these days, we see AI in almost everything around us and nowadays students from a young age are showing spectacular interest in various fields of robotics and we at High Clouds not only provide all kinds of components and accessories but all necessary training to start your next robotics projects..!!

DIY / STEM - Ed Kits

We are both manufacturers and suppliers of high-quality STEM-Educational Kits. To check our range of kits click here..!!


We conduct regular workshops to interact with students in various fun activities related to Robotics, IoT, Drone Making, and Coding, etc.  topics to keep them updated and engaged in STEM activities.