3D Printing Steps

3D Designing & Printing

3D Printing & Designing is the most advanced technology that has its use every domain of manufacturing and designing. Hence, today almost every developed country has already integrated 3D Printing & Designing inside their curriculum. So, to bring it to India, High Clouds is making great efforts.

In Labs, the most common type of 3D Printers used for Rapid Prototyping are FDM Printers. It's of great use, especially for educational & prototyping purposes.

3D Printing Pens

Get complete control of the FDM 3D Printing mechanism in your own hands. Craft your 3D models as if you are drawing in the air & making a 3D object that you want to make. The 3D pens we provide at the Rapid Prototyping labs are safe to use by all age groups.

Our Packages for Institutes

With the growing competition, the need for gaining more and more skills have become a necessity for all of the students in today's era and with our 3D Printing and Designing Labs, we not only ensure to keep our Labs updated with the most recent technologies but also keep our students trained in every aspect.

We not only ensure to keep our Labs setups most advanced in the market but we also try to make it affordable for every Institute. For that, we offer custom  packages for each and every institute.