LM555 Timer IC


  • Supply voltage: +5 V to +18 V.
  • Sinking/sourcing load: current 200 mA.
  • Temperature stability: 50 ppm / °C.
  • The duty cycle of the timer: adjustable.
  • the maximum power dissipation per package: 600 mW and its trigger and reset inputs have logic compatibility.

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555 timer IC has many applications like a timer, pulse generation, and oscillation. Other than it also finds its application to provide time delays as an oscillator and as flip flop element. LM555 Timer IC has 4 timer circuit in one package. popular projects based on 555 IC is the Darkness activation system and Siren blinker.

  • This IC is used to provide a time delay in any basic electronic circuits with the right choice of resistors and capacitors.
  • It has 3 Working modes Astable mode, Mono-stable mode & Bi-stable mode


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NE555 Timer IC Pinout


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