Bump Sensor/Limit Switch for Arduino



  • Provides precise contact distance protection in a range of 2 cm to 3 cm.
  • Bump sensor work as a non-proximity sensor.
  • Simple to use for the distance protection of the robot before it collides with an obstacle or wall.
  • It is having SPST switches that give the signal in ‘0’ or ‘1’ digital condition.
  • 3-pin header makes it easy to connect to a development board, directly or with an extension cable, no soldering required.

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It is a Single Pole Double Throw (SPDT) microswitch. the sensor works with the help of a switch which gives system touch effect so that it can be used as a touch sensor. Bump sensors can work a platform like Arduino, pic, and 8051, etc. A bump sensor comes with 3 pins (output, Vcc, and ground).


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