3 Axis Linear Accelerometer (ADXL335)



  • Dimensions: 28 mm X 23 mm
  • Needs no external components
  • Easy to mount
  • Current Consumption: 500 μA
  • Power supply: 5 V
  • High Sensitivity
  • Fast Turn-On Time
  • Integral Signal Conditioning with Low Pass Filter
  • Robust Design
  • Can sustain High Shocks

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It is an electro-mechanical device that can measure acceleration forces, these forces can be static like a constant force such as the gravity of earth or they can be dynamic like caused by movement or vibration. It comes with an on-board voltage regulator and works in a Voltage range of 3 to 5V this board requires no external devices. It can directly interface with an ADC of a microcontroller without any external components. This board can sense motion or tilt in 3 axes. It has a 5 pin interface Vcc, GND, X out, Y out, Z out, and Self Test.


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