Rapid Prototyping Lab

We set up Rapid Prototyping Labs (3D Printing + Designing Labs) at both Schools & Colleges. For this, we have tie-up with world class companies including Creality, SelfCAD, etc. We not only provide printers and software but we also train your staff so that they can easily guide your students. Apart from that, our team is always there to assist you with any query or issue.

STEM Education Lab

In our STEM Education labs, we cover the basics of Robotics, IoT, and Drone Making, 3D printing, 3D designing, and Virtual Reality. We provide a complete lab set up with all necessary software & hardware. We also help you integrate our labs perfectly with your curriculum.

VR Lab

We believe that imagination is far more important than knowledge and Virtual Reality is a great resource to do so. VR visually teaches every complex concept to students that can not be feasibly taught in real-world. This also increases the interaction of teachers with students. Education is evolving and so are classes. For that, we provide a full VR Class setup for your Schools/Colleges.

ATL Labs

With NITI Aayog's ATL Labs, the Government of India has made it possible for Indian Schools to set up a STEM Lab at their premises. High Clouds is a registered vendor on Gem Portal that provides ATL Labs resources to the schools. We help schools set up a fully functional Atal tinkering lab by providing them with all the equipment, resources, required training, and workshops.