Online & In-Academy STEM Classes

At High Clouds STEM-Ed. Academy, we offer a wide range of programs which will help the trainees/students gain real-world practical knowledge on the latest technologies & tools. These programs include both in-academy & online courses on various fields of STEM including 3D Printing & Designing, Robotics, Mechatronics, IoT, Programming, Virtual Reality, Digital Marketing. We also conduct seminars & workshops in schools and institutes. Seeing the need for social distancing this year (2020), we also conduct webinars twice or thrice every month.

The programs & courses that we offer at our High Clouds STEM Academy are ideal & highly useful for science geeks of age group 6 + to infinity. These programs are professionally crafted by our team to practically educate the attendees so that they become knowledgeable & qualified enough to use the latest technologies.

Need For STEM Edu. Courses

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) Education is already a prominent part of curriculums in most of the developed countries including, America, Japan, Germany, South Korea, Finland, Sweden, Netherlands, Norway & The UK.

Though India also has a very high number of vacancies in jobs in STEM profiles but on the same hand STEM Education, doesn’t have enough penetration in India, This causes the candidate/graduates to face difficulties in job-searches & interviews. Although they may have chosen science & technology-related fields in their High School  & Colleges but still they end up struggling in these fields. This is because basic-level theoretical knowledge & a degree is not at all fit enough to efficiently work in STEM profiles & jobs.

Introducing STEM-Education from an early age not only prepares the students for the real-world but also keeps them interested, entertained & confident in their respective fields of education.

List of STEM Courses & Webinars

3D Printing & Designing classes

In this course, we train students on how to create or design a 3D model (from scratch) on CAD software. This program also involves training students on various fundamentals of 3D Scanning, Here Students also learn how to save there 3D models in .stl files, .obj files, etc which can be converted into GCODE for specific printers by use of right slicing software.

Also, we teach our trannies how to assemble, configure and start printing from an FDM 3D Printer. Our courses also include training various post-processing methods to make the prints looks more glossy and improved finishing.

Today many FDM 3D Printers & filaments have become very affordable to buy as well. You can also shop for a variety of affordable ranges from our store.

One doesn't need to explain the importance of robotics and IoT in our daily and professional lives. Technology has not only upgraded our way of working but also the understanding of the world. At High Clouds, we believe that with an upgrade in technology education should also be evolved and for this, we offer a wide range of training and classes from making drones to rockets, robots, or various IoT projects, etc. 

At HighClouds we have tie-ups with world-class VR solutions providers, With the help of which we are able to provide a virtual learning environment to students which not only changes there way of learning but also makes them visualize different aspects/places of the world at the same place.

Our pre-designed Virtual tours and sessions are completely designed to keep the importance of every subject in-line. You can also visit our store to explore a range of VR Glasses specially designed for school students to modify or evolve the education completely.

Our Digital Marketing Program differs from the regulars because we use multiple online platforms (different types of website & its mobile versions & apps). This approach is a lot more helpful for the students. Many Institutes may tell you that no technical knowledge is needed to be a digital marketer but we stay transparent & true to our trainees & always tell them that some basic technical knowledge is always required in this field.

Our Digital Marketing experts are certified & have more than 3 years of corporate experience in various industries. They make sure that they train their candidates in the most practical way & also make them proficient in technical aspects that are required in Digital Marketing.