What Metaverse Means To Us For Education

As of now, metaverse seems like AR (Augmented Reality), VR (Virtual Reality), MR (Mixed Reality). Remember Oculus? The Standalone VR headset, & Spark AR?. Well, these are the products of Meta (formerly known as Facebook) that have been in the market for a while. But Metaverse is going to be a lot more than just those. Tech savvy youngsters like us are already familiar with ‘VR rooms’, but it isn’t a known thing for most of the world’s population. Meta aims to make it known even more by building an ecosystem for it without it being expensive & complex for the consumers, creators, advertisers & developers.

As our dear Mark Zuckerberg says, “Just building & selling products hasn’t been enough, there is a need to build an ecosystem so that millions of people can have a stake in the future, can be rewarded for their work & benefit as the time rises not just as consumers but as creators and developers.

Now, speaking of education, the education sector of most of the developed countries are already aware of VR classes, MR Classes, etc. Some of the well-known ones are ‘ClassVR, PhotonVR, etc. PTC Creo, Well, PTC Creo is widely known in Engineering Colleges but I am sure the school managements are aware of TinkerCAD & SelfCAD when talking about STEM Education. Another reference that I can give of is VRroom where the connected students (on VR) are all put into a shared space where they can interact with each other in a Virtual Space.

Now imagine when these are more affordable, it will automatically become more popular among students and schools. Imagine how good the education would become then. These give rise to more innovations in future as the students understand concepts way better than ever.

As the company Meta (formerly Facebook) stated that Meta is going to be far more than what they are describing now. Things will evolve as they grow… wait… as we grow. together, well more connected than ever. And this is what Metaverse means to us too.

Check out Meta’s official video clip below to understand better:

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