Industries Utilizing 3D Designing/ Modelling

3D printing, it is also known as additive manufacturing. While 3D printing originally originated as a major tool for rapid prototyping, it has now evolved to cover a number of various Technologies.  3D printing has been expanding and advancing each and every day. It is influencing new ideas and growth as well. 3D modelling is becoming very useful and noticeable each day. It has come along a long way since its invention in the industry. With the number of images that are indistinguishable from the photographs, the product visualization is now more widespread than ever. Now a days many industries are working on this 3d technology to manufacture and produce prototype with the use of 3d printing.

The applications and use cases vary across industries, but broadly it includes tooling aids, visual and functional prototypes — and even end parts. Here are some that uses it the most.


The entertainment world is one of the most enthusiastic places where  3D modelling and printing has been of great demand. As 3D designing and printing has become incredibly photorealistic, it is now possible to create life-like images of actual stars, such as actors, singers, sports stars, and various other entertainers. This provides the creators of promotional materials with enough freedom to create something truly unique and special.

  • Gamming

The gaming area is fully dependent on 3D modelling, designing and printing. This one should come as a surprise to no one. For the most part, video games utilize advanced 3D graphics for their gameplay, so it’s only logical that the advertising materials would also use 3D printing.

  • Architecture

3D technology has brought imagination and reality closer together, and 3D printing is one of the movers for this trend. This kind of designing and printing has the impact of being one of the most transforming technologies in architectural design. When it comes to architectural design, a big part of selling your service relies on convincing your potential client that you can make their vision come to life. With 3D modelling, this is easier than ever, as 3D modelers can make all the details of your design pop with meticulous 3D models. Even more thrilling is the ability to explore inside structures before they are even constructed. This enables clients to know what they are to expect at the end of the entire project.

  • Advertising and marketing

Marketers and advertisers for many years used the services of 3D modelling artists to showcase their products in a unique way. For automobile manufacturers, new car models can be rendered and other product packaging designs and new prototypes at a cheaper price. 3D printing has proven to be a boon to the field of advertising and marketing. With elaborate, intricate, photorealistic models, it is now possible to create product images that are indistinguishable from the real deal. This kind of modelling has the potential to present a product with all its possibilities.

  • Geology and science

According to the website, ScienceDirect, 3D modelling and printing technology has become a helpful tool for observing and analysing the world around us. Thanks to 3D imaging it is now possible to create realistic 3D models of concepts that have only been theorized or would require incredible amounts of financial input to be tested. 3D models can give you a good visualization of rock formations and other objects of interest, all in order to make studying natural phenomena easier.

  • Manufacturing

As was the case with architecture, manufacturing companies can also use 3D printed models to show their prospective customers something they couldn’t see before. 3D models can be used to create images of items that are still only in the planning stages – though you’d never tell that just by looking at the image.

  • Healthcare

Using 3D printing technology enables medical professionals to offer better solutions to patients’ health issues based on their study of enhanced body structure images.

The evolution of 3D printing and modelling has seen a rapid growth in the number of companies adopting this 3D technology. As the potential applications for 3D modelling increases, companies are beginning to find different ways to create and find opportunities with the technology. 3D printers can significantly reduce time of production which gives companies possibility to rapidly increase their competitiveness.

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