3D Printing in Indian Schools

How 3D Printing Is Being Introduced To School Students In India

It is 2022 now & these days, the schools of almost every developed developed countries are teaching 3D Printing to their students. Terms like STEM Education, Rapid Prototyping, etc. have become very common now in school curriculum now. Also India, being a developing nation, is not far behind. Every year, more & more schools of India are introducing STEM Labs/ Tinkering Labs, VR Labs, etc.

In fact, in the past 8 years, the Govt. of India also has introduced many beneficial programs for school students of India. These programs focus on training the students on the latest technologies that are being widely used in the real-world scenarios & in the corporate/ research world.

STEM driven programs that the Indian Government Has Introduced

  1. AIM (Atal Innovation Mission) by NITI Aayog: ATL (Atal Tinkering Labs)
  2. Skill India (National Skill Development Mission Of India)
  3. NEP 2020

These are really great initiatives as they aim to provide international standards of educational programs to the school students in India. 

NITI Aayog’s Atal Tinkering Labs

NITI Aayog was formed in 2015 by the Union Cabinet Of India. NITI Aayog has set up ‘AIM’ (Atal Innovation Mission) and the Atal Tinkering Labs are the best thing about it. ATLs aim to provide the students with the basic tools through which they can get started with 3D Printing, Robotics, Miniature Electronics, IoT etc.

Atal Labs

Viewing NITI’s website in 2020, AIM has written that ‘By 2018, they had selected 2441 schools in India for ATL Grants. The latest data is yet to be updated & the number of schools in which the ATL operations have started is yet to be updated as well.

Skill India Program

The Skill India Program was launched in July 2015. In partnership with the UK, the Skill India Program allows the school students to experience the school system of other countries. By 2022, Skill India Program is estimated to train over 40 crore people in India.

Also, the recently approved education policy i.e. NEP 2020 aims to introduce the school students (in India) to the latest technologies, programming languages & real-world practical internships. 

New Education Policy (NEP 2020):

In the year 2020, the government of India has introduced a New Education Policy. The new policies are focusing more on new technologies, coding, practicals, internships & more. This also opens up scope for including 3D printing, CAD, Rapid Prototyping as extra-curricular activities. To read more about NEP 2020, check here.

3D Printing- A Creativity Booster For School Students:

3D Printing & 3D Modelling is already being taught to the school students in every developed country. 3D Printing allows the creativity of students to come alive in the form of a real object. This enables the students to work with the objects that they 3D Printed. For example, a student can design the 3D computer-made model of a motor boat & after 3D printing it, they can attach the electronic components on it (motor, propeller, remote control, etc.) & drive their own RC Motor Boat toy.

As of 2020, very few schools in India have 3D Printers installed at their premises. The main reason for this is unawareness among the management of schools. Majority of the school teachers, principals & directors are not aware that 3D Printing is for school students too. They believe 3D Printing is for University students & for manufacturing industries.

Many of the school managements are not even aware of what 3D printing is. This has proved to be a challenge in India when it comes to introducing latest technologies to schools.

3D Printing Steps at High Clouds

What We Do:

High Clouds was formed solely to overcome the ‘unawareness of technologies’ challenge. We aim to educate the students not just on 3D Printing but also on 3D Modeling/ Designing using the most student-friendly software (SelfCAD) & hardwares (Creality 3D Printers & 3Doodler Pens).

high clouds stem education

At High Clouds, we provide a complete holistic STEM Education program to schools & Institutes of India. Our STEM Programs & Labs include 3D Printing & 3D Modelling, Electronics, Robotics, Drone Making, Virtual Reality Labs & IoT. Be in touch with to more about these.

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