Industries Utilizing 3D Designing/ Modelling

3D printing, it is also known as additive manufacturing. While 3D printing originally originated as a major tool for rapid prototyping, it has now evolved to cover a number of various Technologies.  3D printing has been expanding and advancing each and every day. It is influencing new ideas and growth as well. 3D modelling is […]

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“3D printing is already shaking our age-old notions of what can or can’t be made” quoted by author Hod Lipson. 3D printing and designing is the computer-controlled sequential layering of materials to create three-dimensional shapes. This technology gives a new dimension to the thinking process and helps an individual to think out of the box. […]

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3D Printing Schools India

How 3D Printing Is Being Introduced To School Students In India

In the past 8 years, the Govt. of India has already introduced many beneficial programs for School Students of India. These programs focus on training the students on the latest technologies that are being widely used in the real-world scenarios & in the corporate/ research world. Here are those STEM driven programs that the Indian […]

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3D printed toy

Smart Education: 3D Printing 101s For Students

With the evolution of technology, the education sector also keeps undergoing upgradation. Even the art fields like music have been upgraded from just using traditional instruments to using digital instruments like MIDI controllers & software applications like DAW (Digital Audio Workstation). We see school students folding & cutting cardboards, chart papers or thermocols to make […]

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National Education Policy 2020

National Education Policy 2020: Scope of STEM & Extra Curricula

It already is big news for entire India that the 34 year old National Policy of Education (1986) is being replaced by the NEP 2020, i.e. the ‘National Education Policy 2020’. NEP 2020’s media briefing conducted on the 29th of July 2020 addressed the media houses, & hence the entire nation, about the policies & […]

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Stem Education with DIY Projects

Educational DIYs: Play while you Learn

What is a DIY? Do It Yourself (“DIY”) is a creative & educational trend of building, modifying & repairing things These days the internet is flooded with thousands of Do-It-Yourself ideas for people of every age group & interest. It has taken over social media as well as the school curriculum. For example DIY Remote […]

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